Private Rooms

In all of Clarendon, Whitlow’s is your best choice for any function you are planning. Whether you are trying to feed 20 or 200, we provide great food and service, both on and off premises, and in or outdoors. View our Catering Menu.

Areas available to rent at Whitlow’s are the Entire Sand Bar (Private), and the Back Patio (Private). The Sand Bar is ideal for events such as: rehearsal dinners, corporate functions, birthday parties and wedding receptions.

Rental of the room is based on a food and beverage minimum and a reasonable rental fee. Room minimum is the dollar amount required in food and beverage purchases NOT including tax and gratuity. If the minimum is not reached, the remainder is charged as a room fee.

Contact Catering at or 703-276-9693. Whitlow’s is located at 2854 Wilson Boulevard.

Private Party Request Form:

- Our spaces are rented in 3 hour increments

The Sandbar

The Sandbar Patio